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Top 10 Smartest Dogs


Top 10 Smartest Dogs

In general, dogs are very smart animals and can be trained to follow human commands and help people. But, as any species, there some breeds smarter than the others.Based on the research and writings of Stanely Coren in his book which includes ranking of the top 10 smartest dogs and their special characteristics is The Intelligence of Dogs

If you own a dog, you may be curious about how smart your dog is. You have to know that different dogs have different capabilities, it is not just about being smart.

Smart dogs are ranked globally based on several researches. Most of them included experiments and surveys on psychologists and animal experts.

While human intelligence is measured by IQ tests, dog’s intelligence can be also measured but using other criteria like obedience, ability to comprehend commands and memorizing them, and much more.

Smart dogs will learn new commands in less repetitions, they also have the ability to predict your behavior and act accordingly.

Not all dogs will perform the same in different situations, dogs think too. Smarter dogs will adapt and have problem-solving skills recognizable than others.

If you wonder what the smartest dog breeds are, here is the answer. Below is a list of the smartest dogs from top to bottom as ranked by Coren in his book.

  • Border Collie
  • Poodle
  • German shepherd
  • Golden retriever
  • Doberman pinscher
  • Shetland sheepdog
  • Labrador retriever
  • Papillon.
  • Rottweiler
  • Australian cattle

Border Collie


Number 1 in the The top 10 Smartest Dogs is Border Collie. Border Collie is not just the most clever dog, but also the best herding dog. The breed was originally developed for sheep herding, now Border Collie dogs can be used for the main purpose of herding or can be kept at home as pet dogs.

The dog is very intelligent, energetic and does very well in dog sports and competitions. It can also make the best dog friend if you know how to deal with it.

To make the best out of your Border Collie, you have to seduce his mind, Border Collies will love mind stimulation like fetch and obedience exercises.

You will also have to provide your dog with proper physical exercise regularly as this breed exceeds other breeds in terms of stamina and energy levels.

Border Collies are a kind of working dogs and motion-sensitive ones, you will have to train your dog not to chase after any moving object.

If you are willing to adopt a Border Collie, you need to make sure that you will not isolate or leave your dog for long hours at home, you will need to be patient with your dog as well to reform any unwanted behavior.



Poodles have three different kinds, The standard poodle, Miniature, and Toy Poodle.

Since Poodles are the second smartest dog breeds, they share the Border Collies in some of their characteristics like doing perfect in dog activities and herding.

The Standard Poodle was widely used for hunting, especially hunting ducks. The two other breeds are usually kept as pets as they have small size.

Poodles of all types excel in obedience trainings, they are fast learners but they will only accept professional methods of training.

One fun fact about this do is that it has a noticeable love of water, the best moments for Poodles are when they are allowed to swim and play in water.

Despite their cute looking, Poodles were used for military purposes. This is because they are very intelligent and learn fast.

However, Poodles are not a suitable dog breed for guarding, Poodles are so sociable and not aggressive at all, they can keep quiet for long times as long as nothing entices them.

If you choose to have a Poodle, you will have a loyal friend, but be careful not to put the leash around his neck all the time, Poodles love freedom.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds, SMARTEST DOGS

One of the most famous dog breeds around the world. No wonder, as German Shepherds are perfect in any kind of job they are into.

They can serve in the military, they can be used as assistant dogs for handicapped or blind people, they can also be used for investigative purposes, but the most notable job they can do is guarding.

German Shepherds are well-known for their courage and extreme love of their master, they will sacrifice their life for the sake of protecting their owner.

Intelligent as they are, German Shepherds will need much exercise, both mental and physical. If not trained well and given proper exercise, they will drain their energy in chewing everything or barking all the time.

Before thinking to adopt or get a German Shepherd, you have to know that they are not the best family dogs although they can live at homes, but they need spaces to exercise in.

They don’t also get used to strangers immediately, so you will have to keep them away of your guests.

German Shepherds need a lot of care; in addition to training and exercise, they shed too much, so you will have to groom regularly.

Golden retrievers

Golden Retriever

On contrary to German Shepherds, Golden retrievers are one of the best dog breeds to live with and become sociable with all your family members.

They are not only adorable and have a very beautiful looking, but they are also loving specially with kids.

Golden retrievers are not meant for military or tough work, they love to live with a family at home, so if you have or going to have a golden retriever, bear in mind that you must keep him at home with you not even in the garden.

These dogs love activities and playing so much, they love it more when their owner leads the game. One of the best games you can play with your dog is throw and fetch game, they excel in it.

Considering care for your Golden Retriever, you have to keep attention that they can eat a lot and become obese, so it is better to consult a vet about the proper diet for your dog.

The most important thing to take care of is that this breed is prone to diseases like Hip dysplasia, so take care when your dog is still a puppy and don’t expose him to violent plays



Muscular large-sized dark skin dogs who are best used for police and military work.

Doberman are one of the dog breeds that are known for being strong and stubborn, thus, they are usually used for guarding purposes.

They can be aggressive but they don’t show aggressiveness without reasons. They never become aggressive with their owners.

Doberman will only bark and become aggressive with strangers whom they feel will harm them or their family.

That is why they need to socialize when still puppies, to get used to people and develop social skills.

Like all smart dogs, Doberman will need mental stimulation and training. They will show great performance in obeying their master’s commands.

Dobies are so trustworthy and can show so much love to children on the contrary to what is known, but if trained well.

Doberman have a sleek thin coat which sometimes shed, they need grooming every now and then like any other dog.

Dobermans are not suitable for families, they are large sized dogs and need professional training.

They can be unfriendly with other dogs unless they are raised together. So, Dobermans need to be placed in a secured safe place but wide enough to exercise daily.

Top 10 Dog Breed

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog

One of the smartest dogs who can have great love and loyalty to their owners.

If you have a Shetland Sheepdog, who is also known as Shelties, you will notice he is following you wherever you go even in your home.

Although they are so connected to their owners, they can stay at home alone without suffering from anxiety like other dog breeds on condition that they are not left every day all the time.

Shelties are so smart that you won’t take so much time or effort in training your dog to basic dog commands.

One command you will need to teach this type of dogs is the “Hush” command, this is because Shelties have a loud bark that may annoy your neighbors.

Shelties’ first reaction to strangers is barking, they don’t get used to people quickly.

As name suggests, Shetland Sheepdogs are herding dogs, they were used for work, but nowadays, mostly as pets.

This dog breed has a very nice looking with a thick furry coat but the shed a lot, so if you can’t handle this shedding then Shelties aren’t a kind of dogs you will be comfortable with.

Labrador retriever

Labrador retriever

Another clever dog from the retrievers’ family, the Labrador retriever who is very popular dog in America.

Labradors are so hyper active that they will not adapt easily inside a home with no garden or yard to dissipate their energy, actually they will find the first chance to escape and they will do it.

In spite of being so active, they love eating. They can become overweight easily, so if you have a Labrador, you ought to take care of his diet.

Labradors are well known for being so friendly, this is a mixed blessing for them. Being friendly will allow them to make friends with any other neighbor dogs and your family members too.

But, they will be friendly with strangers who might intend to harm, so Labradors are not guard dogs at all.

Guarding is not their job, but assistance is. Thanks to their friendly nature, they can assist elder people or handicapped, they are great companions to children too.

Being one of the smartest dogs, they are easily trained and can get dog commands easily.

They have thin coats which can be taken care of easily, so Labradors can be your pet if you know how to deal with them.



If you want a dog of a small size that looks cute and adorable but at the same time of strong bossy personality, then adopt a Papillion.

The name of this breed “Papillion” comes from the word butterfly in French, this is because his ears looks like a butterfly’s wings.

Papillions shouldn’t be left alone at home. Despite his small size, he has the characteristics of large dogs, he is active and loves to do something all the time.

Papillions are friendly and will get alone with other pets easily, they are never shy of making new friends. 

If you have a Papillion, you are advised to do crate training because papillion’s super activity can cause them some problems.

They are fragile dogs who can injure themselves when jumping or playing around, so you better keep an eye on your Papillion or keep him in a crate but not for long time.

They are so smart open to teaching methods as rewarding and praising, you won’t find it difficult to teach a Papillion dog new commands.

Although they have a nice looking thick coat, they don’t shed heavily. They will keep their fur for long time.



Another muscular large-sized dog like the Doberman suitable for hard working jobs as military or police services.

It is enough to know that Rottweiler were used to pull carts to know how strong they can be.

Rottweiler can make the perfect guard dogs, they are intelligent, strong and good watchdogs.

However, Rottweilers are not suitable for anyone, they need experienced dog owners who know how to train a stubborn kind of aggressive dog.

So, if you are a newbie dog owner, we don’t recommend Rottweiler, you can still get an intelligent guard dog but not Rottweiller.

For training a Rottweiler, aggressive training methods are not suitable at all. They will respond similarly and can be aggressive towards their owner too.

This aggressive behavior is what gives Rottweilers the bad reputation they have, many people fear them for thinking they can harm them for the sake of harming.

But actually, this is not the case, Rottweilers should be trained professionally in order not to develop aggressive behavior towards people.

To your surprise they can get well with children too if trained to do so. They are not so friendly with other dogs, but they won’t harm anyone unless triggered to do so.

Australian cattle

Australian cattle

Smart dogs, originally coming from Australia. They were meant for herding jobs.

The have a nickname “heelers” because they used to nip cattle’s heels while herding.

Today’s Australian Cattle dogs are still used for herding, they still have the natural instinct of biting.

 In fact, these dogs if not trained properly will bite everything around, they may even bite their owners thinking they are playing with them.

Just like Rottweiler, these are not for novice dog parents, they need professional training as they don’t get used to people fast. They must be taught to chew and bite their toys only, not people or other pets.

These dogs are very intelligent and want to be active all the time. They can’t be left alone in a closed place, nor in a house with no yard or any place to exercise.

Australian cattle loves to chase after small animals, so they will prefer a home with a garden or yard to practice their hobby.

They are a loyal kind of dogs who will devote all their love to their owner only, if living with a family, they will try to figure out who really owns them to stay connected to him.

Final Thoughts On Top 10 Smartest Dogs

As you have noticed, most of the smartest dogs are large ones. Although it is not a rule, but it something notable between dogs breeds.

Another feature found in top 10 smartest dogs is that they have energy levels, smart dogs don’t love to stay quiet. They will always need physical and mind stimulation.

So, if you have or going to have one of these breeds, prepare yourself for some dog exercises everyday.

Smart dogs are known to be fast learners, they will learn what you teach them in relatively short time. That is why mind training will be an important thing for your smart dog.

By mind training we mean teaching your dog new commands and obedience trainings. If you are not expert enough in these, you better consult a dog trainer or a dog center.

Some dogs will serve best in jobs like guarding or military jobs, and others are the best family companions.

For example, German shepherd, Doberman and Rottweiler are the best guards, but to deal with such intelligent dogs you have to have some experience.

While, Labrador retriever and Golden retriever are the best dog family members.

If you own one of these top 10 smartest dogs, appreciate the gift you have, and provide him with the proper care and love he needs.

Always consult dog behavior experts for information and trainings your dog needs. Ask about dog sports too, your dog will love to do some sports to exploit his energy in.

Smarter doesn’t mean better in all cases, dogs are different just like humans, but all of them are loyal and make the best friends.

Comparison Table Of Top 10 Smartest Dogs

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