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Top 10 dog toys

Top 10 dog toys
Top 10 dog toys

Top 10 dog toys

Dogs are like babies; they love to get engaged and excited every now and then with some new toys that keep them occupied for longer times.

Some dog toys are meant for physical activity for your dog as throw and fetch toys, others are to stimulate his mind as puzzles and chess. Another type is the dog chew toys that fulfill the dogs’ natural instincts of discovering things with their teeth.

Whether your dog prefers to run after his toy all day, or take a challenge and get rewarded at the end, his best playtime will be when you share playing with him.

You may have some worries about getting a new toy for your dog that your dog might not like it, or he may lose interest over time, these are all-natural worries.

If you wonder what are the best dog toys you should start with, here is the answer in one sentence.

The best dog toys are the ones that keep boredom away from your dog, entertain him, and at the same time trigger his mind.

To make things easier, here is our round-up of the best 10 dog toys to amuse your baby with.

  • Kong classic dog
  • ZippyPaws – Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy
  • Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush
  • Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy
  • Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy
  • West Paw Zwig Squeezy Stick
  • Mammoth Flossy Cotton Blend 5 Knot
  • Wobble Wag Giggle Ball
  • Benebone Maplestick Dog Chew
  • Trixie Activity Chess Dog Toy

Kong Classic dog toy

You can never find a dog who doesn’t chew. This is why all dog owners must have Kong dog toys.

The one we picked for you today is the classic kong dog toy, this toy, in particular, has many features making it the number 1 toy for all dogs.  

This toy has 6 sizes, so you will always find a suitable size for your dog. If your dog is a heavy chewer, pick the extreme kong toy.

The toy is made of healthy natural rubber, it is also washable even in a dishwasher.

The price is very average. You can get it starting from 7.5$ to 25$.

We can’t just consider it as a chewing toy because your dog has many other things to do with the toy rather than chewing.

It can be a throw and fetch toy as it is made of rubber and bounces up with every throw creating an enjoyable playtime.

You may stuff it with treats when you want to reward your dog, but don’t overstuff it so your dog can get them out easily.

We have no doubt that you and will dog will enjoy your time with this snowman-shaped toy.

ZippyPaws – Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Your dog will think he has new friends in the house today.

You may think there is nothing fantastic about this toy, but it is the perfect toy a dog parent who hates chaos can get to amuse his puppy.

This dog toy is suitable for small or medium-sized dogs. It is flat with no stuffing to reduce any mess that may result from chewing. If anytime your dog tears this apart, cleaning is not a big deal at all.

When you buy the toy, you get a fox, raccoon, and squirrel, all in one set. You have two sizes to choose from.

For the small size, each toy creature contains two squeakers one at top and the other at the bottom, while for the large one, each toy contains three. The squeakers produce a catchy sound making it a diverting toy.

The material is good although it is not super perfect, it can last for some time.

The cheapest price found for this toy was 8.4$ for the whole set, the larger size is about 17$

Let your puppy have some with his new noisy friends from ZippyPaws.

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush

A squeaky plush enticing toy, the squirrels hide, and your dog chases after them.

The toy consists of three squirrels for the small sizes and 6 squirrels for the larger sized one. In addition to a tree trunk for the squirrels to hide in.

The game starts when you put the squirrels inside the tree trunk and your dog will have to search for them.

When he manages to get them out, he will not resist the squeaks of these cute plush animal toys.

The price of the dog toy is as attractive as the toy itself. You will just pay from 10$ to 30$ according to the size you choose.

If your dog chewed a squirrel till it is torn up, or if a squirrel is lost and you just can’t find it, don’t worry, you can always get replacement squirrels without having to purchase the whole toy.

This dog toy is very interactive, you can keep the game going on by hiding the squirrels again after your dog gets them all out, this way you will keep him searching for hours.

Let him chase the squirrels too. Throw them anywhere and he will try to catch them.

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Another squirrel, but this time a flying one.

The flying squirrel dog toy is another form of the Frisbee but with an untraditional and more attractive shape.

Dogs love throw-and-fetch games for the excitement and energy it takes to get the thing back.

This one is is a breathtaking spinning toy. Just throw it like a flying disc and see how it will get all your dog’s energy out.

Going for beach or pool time with your dog? Don’t forget to take the dog toy with you. It floats better than any other toy.

Whenever you throw it and your dog runs for fetching, he will never mess it up with any other Frisbees.

The toy has orange and blue colors making it well noticed at dark nights. The orange feet glows at night too. Just expose the feet to any light for a couple of minutes and it will glow up.

The average price of this toy is 8$, not to forget that it has 3 sizes for different jaws.

The only drawback of this toy is the material, although it is somehow durable it won’t be suitable for aggressive chewers.  

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy

How about relieving stress and physiological curing with heartbeats and physical warmth?

If your puppy has separation anxiety or feels nervous for any reason. Here is a solution.

The snuggle puppy will be your dog’s calming friend. It will create a sense of intimacy for the dog to feel loved all the time.

The product is a stuffed dog toy with real pulsing heartbeats and intimate heat. Your dog can feel them when he sleeps hugging the toy with his body.

The toy can be used in crate training, your dog will enjoy his stay in the crate with his snuggle puppy.

If he suffers from hard sleeping nights, this dog toy is a great way to ease everything down.

The product has alkaline batteries, you can always change them when they are fully used.

It has an on/off button to switch the heartbeats on or off when you feel your dog needs them.

The heart is removable, so you can machine wash the toy without worrying.

Pick any of the 5 colors of this toy for 40$. Not too much for a behavioral aid dog toy, it really worth it.


West Paw Zwig Squeezy Stick

What are the best activities do you think a dog like? For me, it is fetching and chewing.

If you agree with me, then this dog toy is definitely for your dog.

The toy is a stick but a squeezable one. You may think, why get a stick toy for your dog when you can just get him any stick-like thing around to chew?

The answer is simply because this stick toy is the safest think your dog can chew. It is made of non-toxic BPA material.

It is hollow from the middle making it light, bendable, and easily chewable.

The toy can be an interactive game, you can throw it and your dog will run after and fetch it but you won’t be able to take it from his jaws, he will stick to it!

Colors are very attractive, you have eggplant, jungle green and melon colors to choose from.

The price of this dog toy is quite affordable, it is about 17$ which is not too much for a long-lasting safe toy like this one.

The last adorable thing about this toy is that it is guaranteed against damage from the manufacturing company itself.

Mammoth Flossy Cotton Blend 5 Knot

Having a tight budget but still want to amuse your dog? Go for this one,

The Mammoth Flossy rope is the best rope dog toy you can get for your pet friend.

From an aesthetic side, the toy features a blend of attractive colors. On another side, the material is high-quality cotton fabrics.

The toy is great for an interactive tug-of-war game between you and your dog. The material and the 5 knots of the rope makes it durable and can withstand hard chews and grabs from your dog.

You can use it as a throw and fetch toy too, but it is better used in open places as it can be thrown too far.

It is not just a toy! The strings from the rope will rub off the plaque on your dog’s teeth, so you have a dog toy and a tool for your dog’s dental health.

The toy is suitable for any dog, you have two sizes to choose from. The large size is 72 inches for about 17$, the smaller is 36 inches for 8$. If you think the rope is too long for your small puppy, simply cut it down.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

When outside your dog can just run and go back and forth and chase any animal of play with other dogs around, but what about inside? The options are lesser, but this ball is intended to be used inside and outside as well.

The toy is a ball with 6 clutch kind of holes to let the dog pick it and hold it between his teeth. When shacked, it produces sounds like a human laughing to entice your dog and give him some fun.

The dog toy doesn’t need batteries, the sounds come from 3 inside tubes when moved anyway.

The material is a durable one suitable for all dogs of all sizes. It can tolerate hard chews from aggressive dogs; however, it may not fit in the small dogs’ mouths so they will just hit it with their heads or legs and enjoy the sound.

The toy comes in one size only for an average price of 18$.

Since it is an indoor and outdoor dog toy, you use it for a football match with your dog, or you can shake to produce sounds and entice your dog to the same.  

Benebone Maplestick Dog Chew

This dog toy will be one of your dog’s favorite toys ever!

When your dog starts to chew things around your home, don’t try to stop him, just satisfy his need to use his powerful teeth and get him a benebone to chew.

The very interesting thing that makes this toy unique is that it has the same taste of real wood, your dog won’t even recognize it is not real.

Real wood sticks can leave fragments when dogs chew them, but with this one, your dog will enjoy wood bites without causing you any mess.

The design of this benebone is actually resembling a bone, it is easy for dogs to hold between their teeth.

The toy is chewable but not edible, it is made of nylon and maple wood.

The toy has 4 sizes, making it a toy for all dogs except for heavy chewers who may hurt themselves while chewing.

Like most of the chewing toys, it can be used as a fetch toy too. Thanks to its durability and good quality materials it won’t break or leave splinters when thrown for your dog to fetch.

The price of the toy ranges from 10$ to 17$.

Trixie Activity Chess Dog Toy

Yes, dogs have chess to play too.

Trixie activity chess is a mind stimulating dog toy that will get your dog mad to get his reward.

The game consists of a plastic base with sliders on top and some cones on the sliders. The dog has to move the cones and sliders away to get the treats you previously put inside.

You don’t have to worry about the material, it is made of durable safe plastic that is also washable in a dishwasher.

The toy is a challenging one with red, yellow, and black colors for the base. Contrasting colors make the toy more attractive in design.

If you think it is too hard for your dog at first, you can start from level 1 and go up to the most challenging level. Levels are explained within a leaflet that comes with the toy.

For beginner dogs, you can place a yellow cone only, to make it harder, place a slider on top of the treat then the cone, for an extra challenge, place two sliders then the cone.

This is a kind of game your dog will have much fun with, get it for 25$  


After you have reviewed all the 10 dog toys, we picked for you, you probably now know what you are going to buy this weekend for your dog.

Dogs love interaction, and all toys can be interactive dog toys when you decide so. You can’t of course devote all your time to play with your dog but you can at least give him some quality time both of you will enjoy.

If you would like to get some cheap dog toys, you can choose from the Mammoth Flossy Cotton Blend or the flying squirrel, each of them features a different playing technique but both are exciting toys.

Dogs need companions too, so when your dog needs a friend and you just can’t have two dogs at home, instead of getting him a teddy bear puppy, get the Snuggle Puppy for an added pacifying effect.

Plush dog toys stuffed like Hide-A-Squirrel or unstuffed like ZippyPaws are very good options for chasing games, they are also squeaky toys with friendly animal shapes to tickle your dog’s pink.

Wobble Wag Ball and Zwig Stick are indestructible dog toys, these are the best dog toys for aggressive chewers.

For small puppy toys choose the smaller sizes of Kong classic dog or Benebone Maplestick. And for some mental challenges, dog puzzle toys and chess ones as Trixie is a matchless option your dog will die for.

Why don’t you get a dog toys box with all the preferred ones and have fun watching your dog play with them all?


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