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Top 10 dog daycare, best places for dog to be taken care of.

Top 10 dog daycare

Dog daycare is not just a place where you put in your dog and come back after your busy day to take him home.

In fact, it is your dog’s school where he learns and socializes with friends.

It is your dog’s club where he plays and trains. And it is his hotel where he can have a night stay relaxing and chilling out.

It is better for your dog to go to the same daycare camp every time because he will be used to the place. That is why you should be very careful when choosing a daycare.

Daycare camps or hotels offer different services. All of them have a daycare and a doggie boarding service. Some of them will offer dog grooming along with the daycare as dog nail cutting and hair trimming, in some others you will have to pay for such services.

Other services may include dog training, vet care, or nutrition services.

The best doggy daycare is the one with staff very experienced who have hands-on experience with different dog behaviors and know how to treat your dog.  

This is not the only factor, other factors as price and included services should be considered too. So, we have prepared a list of the top 10 dog daycare to help you choose the one suiting your dog.

  • Camp bow wow
  • Pet paradise
  • The barker lounge
  • Best Friends pet hotel
  • Petsmart
  • Club fetch
  • Carolina Doggie Playland
  • Chateau poochie
  • Fitdog


Your dog will enjoy his stay here! It is not just a doggie daycare, they have much more to offer.

Dogs staying at Camp bow wow will enjoy daycare and other services including maintaining their weight and performing bad behavior.

When you opt your dog either for a daycare or a night stay, your dog will get the same services as socialization with other mates, physical and mental exercises from trained staff.

You will have access to your dog anytime via webcam, you also have the opportunity to check-in and out at any time.

To leave your dog at the camp, you both will have an interview with experienced staff to make sure that your dog is spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

A full dog daycare costs 29$, while a night stay is 48$ for a normal suite and 82$ for a luxurious suite including one care service and sending you text messages all day.

Other services the camp provides are dog grooming services and training. These services are not included in the daycare or night-stay, but you can pay extra money and get your dog groomed or trained while staying in the camp.


THE BARKER LOUNGE best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

In the barker lounge, your first doggy day is free. The purpose of this day is for your dog to get to know the place, and for them to know your dog.

They call this process, “meet & greet” process. They try to identify the personality of your dog, so on the next time, you enroll your dog in a day camp or a dog boarding they can place him with similar dogs in an environment he will like.

Before accepting any dog, they make sure that he is not diagnosed with any contagious diseases in the last 30 days.

Dog daycare and dog boarding include the same service with extra suite for dog boarding.

A daycare includes indoor and outdoor plays, in addition to socializing with other dog friends in groups of 10 to 15 maximum for the perfect control.

A doggie day is at a price of 31$, while boarding is 44$, noting that prices will also vary by location.

Other services offered at the barker lounge are grooming and training. You can ask for a grooming service with boarding or daycare so you receive your dog at the end of the day fully content.


BEST FRIENDS PET HOTEL best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

Your dog will find his best friends here. At Best friends pet hotel they guarantee that each dog will have 4 hours play within a group each day whether in a day camp or in a dog boarding.

A typical doggie daycare includes outdoor plays, midday snacks or a nap, and more activities. A full-day camp is for 23$.

While boarding includes plays and individual suites with premium food. A night stay is from 40$ to 70$ according to the type of suite.

You have several options to add at an extra cost if you want to treat your dog and give him some luxuriousness. You can add a premium bed and mats, a bedtime story, some treats, or an ice cream.

For boarding with individual plays instead of group plays, prices will be from 47$ to 70$. This is only recommended for dogs with socialization issues.

You can enjoy grooming services here too and enroll your dog in the before and after contest they hold for all their groomed dogs.

For training services, you have basic training for usual commands if you are not able to teach them to your dog, and advanced training for advanced dogs.


PET PARADISE best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

This is a real paradise, they care about your dog’s health and happiness as well.

Pet Paradise is a doggie daycare and a vet. They offer services as a day camp, dog boarding, grooming, and vet.

For a day camp, your dog will enjoy playing with other dogs similar to his breed. They have dog toys, indoor play areas, dog pools, and even a gym.

Prices at pet paradise vary according to your location. They are located in 9 states and they have 50 locations.

On average, a day camp can cost you around 32$, while dog boarding will cost you from 34$ to 52$ according to the suite, they offer VIP rooms too.

Day camp activities are not included within boarding packages, for your dog to enjoy these activities while boarding, you will pay extra 20$.

Grooming services are also available at extra costs, and vet care services are offered in packages.

A wellness package includes examinations, vaccinations, microchipping, deworming and dental cleaning, it will cost you something between 34$ and 60$ per month according to services included.

If your dog is not spayed or has problems with socializing, pet paradise offers individual day camps and boarding.


PETSMART best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

Petsmart is a well-known name in the world of dogs and dog needs. Not surprisingly, they have a dog daycare too.

Definitely they have different locations across the country, each location has its own price list but they are not that much different.

When your dog enrolls for a doggie day camp he will be busy all the time from checking in to checking out.

First, he will get to know his new friends and have some fun with them, then he will get his lunch.

After that, he enjoys his time again with different games, and when all dogs are tired, it is time for a story.

All of these come at a price around 26$ for normal dogs, while for individual daycare, price is around 23$

Dog boarding is different, it includes two walks daily and Royal Canin food if you didn’t bring your dog’s food from home.

With two different types of rooms, prices will vary between 39$ and 49$. You can ask about grooming and training services too.

For the best experience for your dog, check their calendar for events. They hold usually hold dog events where dogs can socialize and have fun to the max.


FITDOG best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

This is not just a daycare for dogs, it is a sports club.

Besides the usual daycare services, Fitdog has sports and fitness training. During normal daycare, your dog will spend his time playing, walking, and resting.

You have an option here to enroll your dog for daycare and pay by hours. An hour will cost you 10$, while a full day will cost 45$, so you choose what suits your schedule.

Overnight costs from 62$ to 75$, you have packages to save more. Dog boarding or overnights include daycare services, a free group walk, and full grooming which is an option not offered by any other dog daycare.

We can choose to groom your dog only without daycare or overnight. They have packages for grooming too.

It includes bath only, bath and spa, or bath, spa, and hair cutting. In a spa, your dog will have his ear cleaned and his nails trimmed.

Some additional services available at Fitdog for extra money are private walks, group walks, mini bar, and a puzzle game.

During his stay, you will watch your dog through the webcam, and you will get report cards about how things went on while you were away.


POOCH HOTEL best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

If your dog enjoyed the experience of one daycare, you can opt for a membership renewed monthly at POOCH Hotel.

The hotel offers dog daycare services, besides additional services as dog boarding, grooming, and training.

POOCH hotel doggie day will allow him to play in an open playground with access to playing equipment and a swimming pool, but it is not available on all POOCH hotel branches.

You will also have access to your dog any time during the day, and you can use the webcam to watch him remotely.

Optional add-ons are spa and dog training during the camping day.

For a regular camping day, you will pay 42$.

Boarding at POOCH hotel is the same fun as a daycare, your dog has up to 6 hours of playing with other dogs. Boarding comes at a price of 60$ to 125$.

Treat your dog during his stay with one of their offered grooming services as bathing, pedicure, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, or walking on a treadmill.

Treat him to the max with a cuddle time service, only available at POOCH hotel. You can even join him at the hotel for a personal play with any of the staff.


CHATEAU POOCHIE best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

Chateau poochie is located in Florida. They offer luxury pet boarding, actually the most luxurious services between all dog daycares.

Services include daycare, dog boarding, grooming, fitness, and nutrition services for dogs.

The main service at Chateau Poochie is providing a night stay for dogs. You can pay 32$ for a night and up to 109$ for only one night too according to the suite.

Suites at Chateau Poochie are glass suites allowing dogs to see each other in order not to feel lonely during their night.

If you need a daycare for your dog, you pay 35$, but if your dog is already a guest at the hotel, you will pay only 25$.

Daycare includes individual playtime, group plays, outdoor plays, and listening to music. While, night stay includes individual playtime, five walks, and three meals.

They also offer grooming services and a fitness center with private trainers for your dog especially those who are recovering or having medical issues.

There is a senior Center for older dogs, a nutrition advisor, and wellness treatments as massaging and aromatherapy.  

Another luxurious service offered by them is transportation for your dog from your place to Chateau Poochie.


CAROLINA DOGGIE PLAYLAND best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

Dogs boarding at Carolina Doggie Playland will enjoy their stay with other dogs coming for a daycare.

At this playland, you can choose whether to keep your dog in a crate or in a suite. If you choose a suite, he will be moving in his suite with no limitations to space like crates.

Most of the day, he will be playing with other dogs indoors and outdoors until it is time to sleep.

Dogs are divided into groups based on size and personality. If your dog has a special need, he has a place there too.

Doggie daycare for one day is for 26$, you can enroll your dog for a monthly pass at 350$ for unlimited daycare times during the month.

For overnight stays, you will pay 44$ and your dog will get a daycare, food, and a sleeping night.

If you have more than one dog, you will enjoy a 50% on the other dog.

For enrolling any dog, it is required that he is vaccinated like most dog daycare and camps, but they also require that he is friendly and can socialize with other dogs.

Unfortunately, Carolina Doggie Playland doesn’t offer any grooming or training services.


CLUB FETCH best place for dog daycare, top 10 dog daycare

If you live in Charlotte in North Carolina, you can take your dog to Club fetch where he will enjoy playing in four different playgrounds during the day and a dog TV movie during the night.

Daycare at club fetch costs 30$, you have several packages too if you want to save more money.

During the day camp, your dog will have his own water bowl and kennel.

For a one night boarding, your dog will enjoy his night watching movies on the TV from his place at 40$ per night.

Club fetch also offers grooming services, but for dogs who are already on daycare or staying for a night. Grooming is also offered in packages.

To opt for any of their services you can use their website, they have a ready application form you will need to fill, and then you must pay a deposit before the date of the daycare or boarding.

The application form will ask you about everything related to your dog from vaccinations, spaying, neutering, and any social problems or behavior problems you think your dog has.  

Club fetch is not open throughout the whole year, in some holidays they will not accept any dogs.

Final thoughts on Top 10 dog daycare

Before deciding anything, you should first check locations. You won’t be able to take your dog to a daycare camp located in a different city or state.

Pet Paradise is the one with the most locations, so probably you will find a nearby one. Some others like Club fetch and Chateau poochie have one location only.

Note that prices for most dog daycare varies by location, the prices here are average ones, so check your specific location.

For an all-inclusive boarding, you ought to check Camp bow wow concord, The barker lounge, Fitdog, and POOCH hotel.

If your dog is a shy one who finds it hard to socialize with other friends, but you still want to keep him in a dog daycare at an affordable price, then go to petsmart. They have the most affordable prices for individual daycare.

Chateau poochie is the most luxurious hotel at all with a wide range of services, your dog will feel like a king there.

When you are going to leave your dog for just a couple of hours, you can leave him at Fitdog and pay by hour instead of having to pay the full day.

Whenever you are out, and you know you will leave your pal for a long period of time, consider taking him to a dog daycare instead of leaving him alone. Thus, you give a better life quality, he will enjoy his day, and you won’t feel guilty.

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