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Top 10 dog crates


A dog crate is a dog’s home. You definitely don’t want to get your dog a home he doesn’t feel comfortable in. And you don’t want to change the crate for your dog every now and then.

When choosing a crate, you have to be very attentive to things like the different dog crate sizes, how large your dog will grow, can you take the crate with you anywhere, and would the material tolerate chewing and escape attempts of your dog.

Don’t forget that your dog’s crate will be his place, bed, and dining table. So, if you want your dog to enjoy his place, you have to make it beyond comfortable for him.

If you have a dog cage that is no longer fitting your dog, or you are up for buying a crate for the first time, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

 Take a look at the top 10 dog crates for you today. You will find what you are looking for here.

  •  MidWest Ultima Pro Double Door Folding
  •  MidWest’s Life Stages Double Door Folding Dog Crate
  • BestPet Heavy Duty Dog Crate with Wheels
  • Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate
  • The Precision Pet ProValu Petmate
  • Crown’s Pet Crate Table
  • Zoovilla Triple Door Dog Crate,
  • Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate
  • The Elite Field 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate
  • Zinger Deluxe 3000 Front Entry


Double door dog crate,strong durable wire metal,suitable for large and active dogs.

The crate comes with many features making it the best dog crate at all. Double doors give you the option to place the crate anywhere with no problems in entry and exit.

This dog cage is made from strong durable wire metal, so it is suitable for large and active dogs.

You don’t have to change crates because your dog is larger and no more fits the crate. MidWest Ultima pro comes with a divider to adjust the crate’s size according to the size of your dog.

The floor on which the crate will be placed on was also taken into consideration. The crate has rubber feet so it won’t scratch your floor.

Like any pet parent, you should be asking how you are going to clean up this dog cage. MidWest Ultima pro has got the answer! They provide you with a removable plastic leak-proof tray so you don’t have to clean the floor and the crate as well. Just remove the pan, clean it, and put it back easily.

Speaking of easy assembling, the crate comes with a free DVD to teach you how to set up everything.

Prices are from 90$ to 228$.


dog cage with divider, removable pan, and double doors for you and your dog’s convenience.

In terms of pet crates, MidWest is absolutely the top dog today.

Another option from MidWest is the life stages double door dog crate. A little bit cheaper but with nearly the same winning features.

Prices range from 83$ to 199$ according to the size you will choose.

The product is a dog cage with divider, removable pan, and double doors for you and your dog’s convenience.

The main difference you will notice between the two crates of MidWest is that the wire in this one is thinner making it lighter and easier in carrying.

So, if you move outside a lot with your dog, you may have to consider this lighter, yet a durable, option.

Spacing between wires is narrow making it a safe place for your small puppy.

Traveling with your dog won’t be a hassle with this crate because it comes with a handle to ease carrying the crate. It is also foldable, and the process of folding and unfolding can’t be easier

When you decide to opt for this option, you will not only enjoy a long-lasting home for your dog but also a 1-year guarantee from the company.


four wheels,two of the wheels so the crate standstills.a top and front door,

Want some flexibility while moving the dog crate from one room to the other? BestPet created this dog cage especially for you.

The crate comes with four wheels, so you can move it easily even if your dog is relaxing inside.

When you find the best place for the crate and want to keep it stationary, you can lock two of the wheels so the crate standstills.

This is for your convenience, but what about your dog’s convenience? At the end, he is the one who will stay all day in the cage.

Luckily with this crate, you don’t need to worry. It has two sizes, the smallest of them is relatively large compared to other crates, creating enough room for your dog.

The crate has two doors like most of the other dog crates, but this one has a top and front door, so you can feed your baby without worrying it will escape.

The crate is a top quality one made from non-toxic materials and heavy-duty steel wires ensuring a strong resistible product.

All of these features in one product with two prices, 100$ and 140$ for the larger size. Good deal isn’t it?


Top-quality materials for wires, removable plastic tray, divider panel, and all the must-have features

The cheapest large metal dog crate you will find is Paws & Pals Oxgord.

The crate has six different sizes with pricing ranges from 30$ to 60$, will you go for it?

You can get a larger size and use the same crate for two dogs thanks to the divider panel it comes with.

Top-quality materials for wires, removable plastic tray, divider panel, and all the must-have features for a heavy-duty large dog cage are available here.

In addition, round corners and two doors with slide latches for extra safety and security.

The crate will be an essential part of your luggage when you decide to travel or have a road trip with your dog.

It has a collapsible design that allows for easy folding and it needs no tools for assembling. It has a handle for easy carrying too.

Not to mention the stainless steel metal and e-coating that provides superior coverage and corrosion resistance.

It is also completely washable and rust-resistant, so it is a life-long dog crate.

In brief, if you need a wire dog crate with top-notch features within budget, that’s your choice.


5 points for maximum security and precision.heavy-duty wireframes coated with a black anti-rusting coat

For ultimate protection and high safety standards, pick this one and you will never regret.

The crate is supported with a super lock system consisting of 5 points for maximum security and precision.

The material of this crate is heavy-duty wireframes coated with a black anti-rusting coat so you won’t lose the durability or the color.

With the wireframes rounded at the corners, you guarantee a much appealing design and avoid any kinks with your clothes when carrying or moving it.

With 6 sizes and prices ranging from 25$ to 110$, you have a variety of options to choose from.

You don’t have to get the smallest size for your puppy and another larger one when he gets older. Just get the size suitable for your dog when he reaches his maximum and adjust the crate with the divider along the journey.

Considering a one at a lifetime crate for inside and outside? Here you have The Precision Pet ProValu Petmate dog crate.

Completely foldable to save storage space, easily assembled to save time and effort, and lastly with a removable pan for easy cleaning process.


is made of hardwood with a waterproof bottom and secured with a metal latch.

Would you consider buying a crate with 230$ or 330$?

If you think this is too much for a dog cage, you may rethink again when you know that it can serve as an end table decoration for your living room besides being your dog’s sleep.

Since it is a dog crate furniture, it comes with crate-related features and aesthetic décor features.

It is painted just like luxurious furniture with smooth feet to prevent any scratches from friction with the floor.

Crown’s Pet Crate Table is not meant for decorative functions only, it is made of hardwood with a waterproof bottom and secured with a metal latch.

All sides of the crate have vents allowing your dog to breathe in and allowing you to see what is inside. Your dog won’t feel isolated though.

The vents have poly-carbon panels to keep your dog out of the door. The door itself opens in and out to ease enter and exit for your pet.

You can choose one from the three different shades of brown colors available for this dog crate, you have two options for the size too. So, take your home décor into consideration when choosing.


comes with black or white colors,three doors, two in the front, and the other one at the side.

Here is another stylish dog crate with three doors, two in the front, and the other one at the side.

Just like Crown Pet crate, Zoovilla can be used as a piece of furniture especially that it comes with black or white colors.

The crate is for indoor use only, it is a wooden dog crate made from quality materials and the door latches are metal for security.

Cleaning the crate is so easy, just like you clean any piece of furniture, the tray is also removable and washable.

Regarding assembly, since it is for indoor use only you won’t need to assemble and disassemble. Your dog can step into his home once you receive it. It comes as a table ready for immediate use. 

The crate costs 160$ with only one size, so don’t forget to measure your dog first to see if it fits in the crate or not.

If you like the idea of dog crate furniture and don’t want to pay much money for something like Crown Pet crate, this one is a perfect match.

You will lose some options like size variety and water-proof bottom, but still, have a great dog crate and stylish table.


2-in-1 then is a dog crate and a table.unfold the crate into a dog fence using all four sides or using only one side as they are all removable

The first time you see this crate you may think it is like Crown Pet Table or Zovilla. The 2-in-1 then is a dog crate and a table.

Actually, part of this is true, the first function is being a crate. The second one is not a furniture related function, although it could be, Merry pet crate has much more.

The crate converts to a gate to close the doorways or to create a space for your dog to play around.

You can easily unfold the crate into a dog fence using all four sides or using only one side as they are all removable. You can fold it back into a squared crate in minutes.

As for the main functionality; it has the same removable tray of any crate. The material used is fine wood with a veneer cover.

There are two sizes available, the first one for 128$ and the larger for 200$.

For this product, in a crate mode, it is safe and secure. In a gate mode, it is very flexible and you can adjust it according to space.

For a furniture mode, you will have an end-table with luxurious brown color.


made of strong steel covered with a soft fabric ,soft bed at the bottom

If you don’t like how wire crates look but you don’t want to trade functionality for a decent look, The Elite Field soft dog crate is made of strong steel covered with a soft fabric for the beautiful look you desire.

Not only the cover is soft, but there is also a soft bed at the bottom for your dog to have a long night’s sleep.

Soft cover and bed are undoubtedly convenient for your dog, but it can bring about double effort when cleaning. You have to remove the cover and bed, wash them and wait until they dry, then return them back to the crate.

Carrying the crate is not as difficult as washing because it is light and comes with a handle.

The crate has three net doors to allow sunlight from different directions. The doors can be found on the top, front, and one side. They are locked with zippers for easy access and use.

This crate isn’t for large dogs or hyperactive ones, because they can tear up the mesh.

You have 10 colors and 5 sizes which make the choices more than any other puppy crate. All come from 62$ to 115$


made of aluminum, not steel,can be folded down into a flat box

If your first and utmost concern in a dog crate is security, Zinger has the most secure crates ever.

This dog cage is different from all other crates in that it is made of aluminum, not steel. The door has a latch locked with a key.

Zinger Deluxe model is the lightest model from Zinger, it provides your dog with safe home and transportation means.

The crate can be folded down into a flat box, so you can transport it with you anywhere.

Since it is made of aluminum you will find the crate lighter than it looks. You can carry and move it assembled.

For ventilation purposes, you have ventilation holes from the three sides, the door itself is barred allowing fresh air and sun to reach your dog.

You have the option to get crate supplies along with your dog cage. You can add handles, flooring, and airline travel kit. 

The drawback of this crate is that it takes time for assembly and it requires some tools like a screw and other carpentry tools.

Another thing is that it is too expensive compared to any other crate, the cheapest one is 500$.

Our recommendations to choose from top 10 dog crates.

Having those many options with different features can make you overwhelmed, but you have to know that every dog owner’s needs are different from the other.

If you are a traveling buddy, The Elite Field Soft Dog Crate will be the best and most comfortable option for you.

When your budget is so tight and you need a crate now, you can get Paws & Pals Oxgord, and don’t worry about durability or functionality at all.

But when money is not a burden while safety and durability are more important, Zinger’s option gives you the most safety standards.

If you are a kind of a practical person, BestPet Heavy Duty with Wheels will provide you with the best practical option for moving and carrying the dog crate wherever you want.

For aesthetic, yet functional, options you got the Crown’s Pet Crate and Zovilla to choose from. Remember that Crown’s pet comes in brown colors and Zovilla in black or white colors.

Looking for multi-functionality? Get Merry Pet 2-in-1 or actually 3-in-1 for maximum functions in one product.

For the best crate at all, just choose one of MidWest crates.

Lastly, you have to train your dog first to get used to his new home. Never place your dog in a crate and just leave him there. Your dog needs to feel your presence, and do not want to feel isolated. He or she needs to interact and feel like a part of your family, so don’t deprive him of this feeling.


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