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Top 10 Dog Coats

Dog Coats

Top 10 Dog Coats

Ever thought of how your dog feels in cold chill weather?

If you think his own coat will protect him from feeling cold, you need to rethink it. Not in all cases your dog will be able to cool himself down.

If you live in a place with a cold climate, your dog will definitely need a dog coat. Even if you live in a country with cooler weather, you may consider getting a winter dog coat in case it rains or the wind blows.

Dog coats are designed mainly to keep your dog warm, they are usually padded with a soft warm material to keep heat.

To be more practical, many dog coats now have waterproof and sometimes windproof materials, so they are a perfect hinder to weather.

The perfect dog coat is the one that will keep your dog warm, resist water, and has a lightweight.

Other things to consider is how you will dress your pooch, you should go for an easy put on and off dog coat.

For a compiled review, check our top 10 dog coats list to get your dog the best dog jackets for winter.

  • Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse
  • Gooby – Padded Vest, Dog Jacket Coat Sweater
  • Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible 
  • PETCEE Waterproof Dog Jacket
  • RUFFWEAR – Overcoat, Abrasion-Resistant Insulated Jacket
  • Scout Jacket – Sherpa Lined Waterproof Shell
  • Kurgo Dog Jacket
  • Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat
  • Speedy Pet Dog Rain Poncho Coat Jacket 

Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse

No more harnesses under your dog’s coat to hold your dog. Ruffwear has a two-in-one dog jacket. It is a jacket and harness at the same time.

As a jacket, it is made of high-quality weather-resistant material from outside with a fleece lining from inside to keep your dog warm and dry during cold weather.

The material won’t also get stuck to trees and branches, so it is the perfect material ever.

As a harness, it has two loops to attach the leash, one on the collar, and the other one on the back.

It is also light that your dog will not feel a heavyweight on his body. At the same time, it will cover his whole body.

The jacket has two pockets that close with a zipper, they can be used to keep your dog’s small things.

To put the jacket on and off, you have small buckles for that purpose. But they are not strong enough and might slip or keep opening.

The dog rain jacket is easily washed in a machine washer.

The product is available in 5 sizes and 3 colors, the average price of this product is 80$.


Do you have a dog who is always moving and exercising disseminating energy everywhere?  Weatherbetta is the perfect coat for your dog.

The dog coat is made of fabric suitable for hyperactive dogs. It uses a technology named ceramic fiber, this technology reflects your dog’s own body energy so he keeps warm.

The technology also works on enhanced blood circulation to speed up oxygen reaching muscles.

Active or exercising dogs need this oxygen to decrease muscle soreness and work on the recovery process.

The material is also a long-lasting one, it is breathable allowing air to reach your dog’s skin.

To close the coat over your dog’s body, there is a close tape on his belly.

If you want to hold your dog, you have a hole for the harness. Not to forget that the coat has a waterproof outer fabric.

So, this product features a perfect coat for a working dog keeping him cool and relieving his pain at the same time.

No matter what dog you have, you will find a size that fits him from weatherbeeta coat. The coat has 12 sizes, all with a price of 63$ approximately.

Gooby – Padded Vest, Dog Jacket Coat Sweater

Struggling with putting the dog coat on and off? Get Gooby padded dog coat. It is the easiest coat to wear on this list.

The easy wearing process is because of the zipper on the back of the coat. You just put your dog inside the coat, pull the zipper, and off you go.

If your dog has a thick coat and you are worried that you may zip his fur by mistake, Gooby knew it before you. They made a protective guard under the zipper to prevent your dog’s hair from stitching into the zipper.

The coat has a leash metal ring, so you won’t need a harness underneath to hold your dog.

Moreover, the coat is not heavyweight although it is waterproof and has a fleece lining. Your dog will love wearing it and he won’t feel a load on his back.

The dog coat is 100% polyester and it is machine washable. It will also fit perfectly on your dog.

You have 12 colors, all of them will give your dog a stylish look.

Get this product at a price ranging from 32$ to 35$, a suitable price for a waterproof dog coat.

Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible 

Want to get your dog a unique coat that whenever he goes outside wearing this coat he receives compliments? Check this one.

Kuoser is a reversible coat, meaning your dog has two sides, he can wear the coat on any of them.

One side is a waterproof one made of thick polyester for wet cold weather, while the other side is plaid soft cotton for a cool style.

The collar is stuffed with fur to stay comfortably around your dog’s neck.

The coat has 7 colors, each color has a different plaid matching the color, so you have wide options to choose from.

You have 6 sizes ranging from 20$ to 26$ making this coat a very affordable good bargain.

Want more? You have a lifetime money back if you discovered any craftsmanship defects in this product.

Having a hole for the leash and another hole for the harness, the coat is really not lacking anything.

The part on your dog’s chest is elastic and expandable to fit your dog without feeling packed in the coat.

This part is closed with Velcro tape, making it an easy put on and take off dog coat.

PETCEE Waterproof Dog Jacket

Petcee says you can get a dog coat with the same quality material from inside and outside with just 15$.

Their waterproof dog coat is made of polyester just like most expensive dog coats. It has the same soft fleece from inside. Your dog will get the same warmness and dryness he feels when wearing any other dog coat.

It is also double-layered, meaning it will keep water and wind away from your dog with a cotton layer between these two layers, thus you have 3 layers for extra warmness.

The coat comes with holes for collar and leashes, and reflective brim for visibility at low light, besides the Velcro used to close the coat from chest and neck.

All features of a perfect dog coat are available in this dog coat.

In addition, it has a tail rubber rope to surround your dog’s tail so he won’t be able to take it off.

Coming to the sizes, you have 10 sizes and 3 colors for each size. The highest price you will pay for this coat is 23$.

This dog coat is suitable for everyday outings, it is also suitable for the home.

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands

RUFFWEAR – Overcoat, Abrasion-Resistant Insulated Jacket

Wind, water, and abrasion resistance. This is a one for everything dog coat.

The material of the coat is super durable leaving no option for wearing out. It will protect your dog against any weather conditions with inside fleece soft on his body.

The outer material is made of nylon repelling water, snow, and any harsh elements. Inner material keeps heat inside.

For taking on and off, use the buckles and for attaching a leash you have a built-in leash portal.

The design of this coat is made with special care to cover the whole body of your dog and leave some room to move freely. The coat will stay in its place on your dog’s body even if he plays all the day.

The coat has reflective linings and a light loop for attaching beacon light if you want to take your dog on a night trip or hike.

Sizes are available in 4 options, while colors have 6 options. The average price of a ruffwear overcoat is 70$.

It is better not to use a machine wash for this dog coat and wash it using dry clean instead.

Scout Jacket – Sherpa Lined Waterproof Shell

Another dog coat suitable for active dogs. What makes it good for dogs who do any kind of sports is that it is, first of all, water-resistant, it won’t let water pass through and reach your dog’s body.

Water-resistant material doesn’t mean it won’t keep your dog warm. The coat from inside has a Sherpa lining for extra warm and cozy effect in cold days.

As a sporty dog, he will always love to run and play so he needs something that won’t hinder his movements. That is why it has a stretchable material at the neck and belly to give him the freedom he wants.

The material of the coat is 100% polyester which is a good and durable material for a dog coat.

The rubber band used to close the coat has stoppers, thus it is adjustable to fit your dog’s size and closes firmly on him keeping the coat on its place without slipping.

Speaking of sizes, there are 7 sizes available from x small to x large all of them in one of two colors, red or blue.

As for prices, the coat will cost you around 40$.

Kurgo Dog Jacket

Active dogs are the luckiest today. Here is another product especially made for them.

The coat is reversible with a water-resistant material for wet days. The inside material is soft that won’t irritate your dog and keep him warm at the same time.

Yet, it is not as warm as Sherpa coats, so it is more suitable for cool weather but not a very cold one.

If you really want to get this dog coat despite cold weather, they have a fleece sweater that fits under the coat to keep your dog warm. You have to buy it separately, it is sold at a price of 32$.

The coat itself is sold at 36$ with 9 colors and different sizes, all with the same price.

To attach a leash to harness you have a zipper opening at the backside, your dog can wear the harness with the coat on top of it and you can easily attach a leash to hold your dog.

The coat has a reflective strip going from top to bottom of the coat to see your dog easily in dark.

Use the Velcro to close the jacket, it is adjustable to fit each dog’s unique body.

Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

The name says it is a blanket dog coat, and yes it really is. It will keep your dog warm as if he is putting on a blanket.

Made of polyester from outside and warm fleece from inside to feature a water-resistant and warm cozy dog coat.

He can also wear it on both sides. But keeping the water-resistant side out and the warm fleece side in is absolutely better for cold weather.

You can always switch sides if you like the plaid look of the fleece side. Both sides have a nice paw print reflective to spot your dog in dark.

It is closed using Velcro closures on his chest, similar to most winter dog coats. But what makes this closure unique is that the Velcro tape is really enough to fit any dog.

If the Velcro wears out, you can always replace it with another one.

To wash the coat, just use a machine wash but with cold water to keep the coat for the longest time.

The coat has 8 sizes and 8 colors, prices range from 21$ to 33$ but prices don’t go higher with the size.

Speedy Pet Dog Rain Poncho Coat Jacket 

This dog raincoat will look so cute even on the largest dogs.

The design of the coat is a poncho design with a hoodie to give him a nice trendy look and protect his head when it rains too.

There is a hole for the leash like any other dog coat but the hole is not left open for rainwater to get into and leave your dog wet. It is covered with the same material of the coat which is also waterproof.

The material is a polyester waterproof one and it has a nice plaid pattern. Dress your dog in this coat and you will see how people will be looking at him with admire wherever he goes.

To put this coat on your dog, you have a Velcro closure around the neck and a narrow strap that connects from both sides on his chest for tight closure.

The strap is made of the same waterproof material of the whole coat so it won’t get soaked in water when it rains.

Guess what is the price of this coat? It is just 11$. It is a must-have in your dog’s wardrobe.

Final thoughts on Top 10 Dog Coats

Whatever dog coat you find perfect for your dog, make sure to follow the size chart strictly. Measure your dog as every product size chart details and leave some room for your dog to move freely in his coat.

Some dog coats will come with a built-in harness or metal ring to attach the leash as Ruffwear dog coats and Gooby – Padded dog coat, while others will have a hole for the harness.

The ones which come with harness are better because sometimes the place of the hole is not the exact fit, so the attachment loop of the leash will find its way inside the coat to the harness. This may annoy your dog.

For sports dogs, the best are no doubt WEATHERBEETA dog coats, it is not only a dog coat. It is a muscle relaxant and pain relief too.

For trendy styles, choose one of the reversible coats, so you have two options to alternate between them according to the weather.

One last thing you should care about is how you wash your dog’s coat, follow the washing instructions of the manufacturer for a long-lasting coat.

Your dog is the one who will wear his coat, don’t get something he doesn’t love. If you feel he is uncomfortable with his coat, it is better to get him another one. You can also get him more than one if your budget allows for that.

Invest some time in reading about your pal’s new coat. He deserves to feel warm and cozy too.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Dog Coats

Comparison Table
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