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Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands

Dog Clothing Brands

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands

Who said dogs can’t follow fashion trends and have a style? As dog clothes are becoming common today, dog clothing brands strive to secure their places on top of other brands.Please find the unique offering from the Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands which makes them stand out.

When you think of buying a new shirt or pants, the first thing that jumps directly to your mind is your favorite brand. The same thing for your dog, since you are his decision-maker, you ought to pick up a good comfortable dog brand or brands for all your pup’s needs.

But what really makes a good dog clothing brand?

The best dog brands will offer the best quality dog clothes with a variety of summer and winter clothes.

When you pick a piece for your dog, you are sure that he will stand out and looks like a fashion icon between other pups. That is what you have to look for between dog clothing brands.

All of us like to dress and wear the latest fashion. Your dog deserves to be stylish and follow the fashion trends too.

Start investing in your dog’s wardrobe from jackets, jumpers, sweaters, shirts, and other dog accessories.

If you find it difficult picking the top designer dog brand, check out our favorite 10 dog clothing brands.

We have included the best of the best on this list, so your dog will never miss a trend.

  • Wagwear
  • Max bone
  • Ruffwear
  • Canine style
  • Pet Haus
  • Dog & co
  • Rororiri
  • Pets so good
  • Ralph Lauren Pets
  • For the furry


Wagwear is a known dog clothing brand based in New York City.

When we browse their website, you will find everything you can think of for your dog.

The website is divided into categories according to the use of the item. They have Walk, Wear, Carry, Play, and Sleep categories. Each of them features some dog products all dog owners will need.

For dog clothes, they sell jackets and vests. All the material is of top quality and comfortable fabrics.

Their most featured product is the WagWellies which are dog boots made of 100% rubber. These boots will be very useful if you would like to take your dog on a hike or a trip or even for a walk on the streets and want to keep his feet clean.

What makes them unique is that they sell everything related to dogs not only clothes. They sell pet carriers, leashes, collars, and much more.

You can get toys and treats for your dog from wagwear too. Dog beds and mats are also available.

They have dog grooming products like shampoos and sprays.

If you are located outside the USA, you can get your Wagwear dog clothes shipped abroad to wherever you are.

Max bone

Need one to-go place for all your dog needs? Max bone is an American dog clothes brand, but they have much more than clothes.

Their main branch is in Los Angeles, but there are other two branches in New York City and Aspen.

When you shop at Max bone, you will find everything divided into categories according to the activity. The most usable division used by most dog clothing brands.

First, you have wear division which is basically summer and winter clothes. They have a wide plethora of options for all dog sizes.

Then a walk section, for leashes, harnesses, collars, and poop bags. So, everything you will need when you are out with your dog for a walk is available in this category.

The play section or category is designed for toys which are mainly plush toys. While the eat section includes treats, dog food bowls, and some supplements as omega 3-fatty acids.

They have sleep beds, in addition to style category for bow ties and bandanas.

For grooming, you can buy shampoos and dental toothpaste.

Their special category is the wellness line for wellness oil and shampoo made with 100 % natural ingredients.


Ruffwear is a dog clothes brand for all dogs but they appreciate working dogs more than any other dog.

They have a special line for working dogs, they sell everything any dog owner will need for his working dog like leashes, harnesses, collars, and special clothes for them.

Non-working dogs also have clothes options like coats, sweaters, jackets, and other options.

For working dog clothes, there are waterproof and windproof jackets for dogs working in such weather.

There are sweaters to keep dogs warm in winter and dog coats too.

They sell dog life jackets for dogs who swim whether as a part of their working activity or just for entertainment or as a dog sport.

They have backpacks designed especially for dogs to carry some gear on their small bodies.

Ruffwear designs dog clothes of top quality, when you shop at Ruffwear you are guaranteed against any defects.

What makes them different from any other dog clothes brand is that they sell some human items like t-shirts and caps.

When you choose to shop from their website, you can browse the options by categories or by activities performed by your dog as camping, water sports, climbing, and snow sports.

Canine style

Have a cute female dog? Then get her a dress from canine style.

Canine style is a really stylish dog clothing brand selling dog clothes at the latest fashion trends like dresses, shirts, and polo shirts for summer, besides raincoats and sweaters for winter.

They have special Halloween customs for dogs which is something they are unique at.

You will find every other thing related to dogs at Canine style like any other dog clothes brand, starting from dog accessories like harnesses, leashes, and name tags to dog beds, covers, and mats.

Food bowls and tins to store your dog’s food are also sold there.

Their signature collection includes has a harness, a leash, and a collar all in the same plaid with different colors. You have the option to choose the color and the size too.

If you need dog carriers, you can purchase them from Canine style, they have carriers looking like a big handbag with two front pockets for your dog toys or treats which are also found at Canine style.

Canine style has three stores, all of them located in New York City with their website shipping to different parts of the world.

Pet Haus

Looking for cool denim dog wear? Pet Haus has the coolest denim vests and coats for dogs.

Pet Haus is an Australian company developed by Mel and Matt. Mel and Matt were a couple who had a dog, they decided to create clothes for their dog and then things grew up to what is known now as Pet Haus.

The company is very well known for their denim vests, all their dog vests are designed and manufactured from very good quality blue denim.

Apart from the denim vests, they sell other dog clothes like hoodies and tops, in addition to dog accessories like bandanas, and denim dog harnesses.

The dog clothing brand has clothes for all dog sizes and breeds, so whatever dog you have, you will find a piece of clothes that suits him at Pet Haus.

Another thing they pride themselves on is the patches designed on most of their denim. They also sell patches separately so you can stuff your dog’s vest or coat with the patches you like.

You have the option to customize a patch especially for your dog, you can buy the same patch for you and your dog.

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Dog & co

Although Dog & Co is a relatively new dog clothes brand, it stands out among other brands thanks to their wide collection and varieties they sell.

The brand was founded in 2014, they claim that they are committed to helping homeless dogs through their work with animal rescues and shelters. They help in fundraising and awareness campaigns to encourage pet adoption.

As a dog clothes brand, they have colorful clothes and dog products.

They sell summer t-shirts of different materials, for winter, they have dog coats and jackets.

The company also has dog accessories as sleeping beds, mats, cleaning products, collars, leashes, harnesses, and all other dog accessories.

They have also extra dog items not sold by most dog-related brands as waste bags that attach to the dog collar and poop bags.

Their most significant dog accessories are the knitted toys that come in bundles of different shapes like a pizza slice, a coke bottle, pancakes, and others. These toys are squeaky ones your dog will love to play with them.

Food and food necessary cutlery are available too as bowls, treats, and snacks of different flavors for treating your dog to the max.


When we talk about everyday dog clothes, Rororiri comes on top of the most known dog clothing brands.

Rororiri is a brand located in San Francisco, this is their main branch. They have another branch in Walnut Creek.

If you can’t reach any of their branches, you can always shop online.

When you first see their website, you will notice how cute all the dog clothes look. You will feel like it is a kid’s store.

You will be able to purchase summer or winter clothes for your dog from Rororiri. They have jackets, hoodies, and sweaters for winter, besides t-shirts for summer.

They sell bandanas and bow ties at an average price of 40$.

Rororiri is considered a top dog clothing brand for affordable prices. For example, you can get your dog a sweater or a cardigan at a price ranging from 50$ to 90$.

Although they don’t have wide options like other stores, they will serve a dog owner with a tight budget looking to get his baby a new shirt or jacket.

This brand is most suitable for small dogs, they will give your dog a cool and easy-going style.

Pets so good

Pets so good will actually give your dog the feeling of being good. They thought of things your dog may need, no other dog clothing brand had thought of.

Starting with dog clothes, they have top tanks with sleeves or without. In addition to fur coats and jackets to keep your dog warm in cold weather.

The company sells dog hats and bow ties for a stylish dog.

If you want a little bit of change in the color of your dog collar and harness, they have bastille colored collars and harnesses to be matched together.

You can mix and match between your dog clothes and his collar and harness too.

After a shower, your dog will need to dry, so, they designed hood towels especially made for your pup.

Finally, they have specially designed houses and tents to be placed in your home or garden for your pooch to feel he has a private room.

The dog house has a shape of a house with a roof and windows with a cushion at the bottom for the comfort of your dog.

There are tables, trays, and food bowls with nice colors to add a touch of elegance to your dog’s house.

Ralph Lauren Pets

We have no doubt that you know Ralph Lauren as a clothes brand, but did you ever know that they have a special line for pet clothes?

Ralph Lauren is one of the luxury dog brands selling limited options of dog clothes with the same quality of human ones.

They sell their classic polo shirt in different colors but for pups. The t-shirt is made of high-quality cotton similar to the human version but taller from the backside and a little bit shorter from the front to suit your dog’s body.

They sell jackets, jumpers, and sweaters for the winter season, aside from dog collars.

They care about the finest details in each item they produce. You will find their logo on each piece, and sometimes on the buttons too.

The traditional polo shirt is at an average of 40$ – 45$, while the jumpers and winter wear are more expensive.

You and your dog can both get the same shirt of the same color from Ralph Lauren. You will be sure that you are wearing the best quality cotton shirt materials.

If you want your dog to wear from a well-known brand then choose Ralph Lauren pets.

For the furry

The newest dog clothes brand on this list. It was founded in 2018, but it could make it to one of the top dog clothing brands.

The founder of this brand is a dog mom who was thinking of newly stylish trends for her dogs and she achieved it.

On “For the furry” website you can shop by products category which include clothes and accessories, or you can shop by activity which includes nearly the same sections of other dog clothes websites as wear, walk, sleep, and eat.

The clothes they sell are really unique, some of their top-notch clothes pieces are, the pinky tops with fur sleeves which will give your dog an elegant look.

Another example is the geometric print jumper which looks so vintage and old school.

They have a leopard printed hoodie for a wild look and wide options of sweaters and jackets.

Some of these dog clothes are handmade, they are well crafted and designed to fit dog parents looking for finely detailed designs for their dog’s clothes.

Accessories include leashes, collars, poop bags, and leash bags. They have ceramic dog food bowls which add to the fine details and high quality of their products.

Final Thoughts on Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands

We understand you may still find it hard to choose only one brand for your dog clothing, but you can have more than one favorite brand for a diverse style.

Some dog clothing brands excel in one thing than the other, so you can just pick the best from every brand.

For a cool rock n roll look, Pet Haus has the best denim for dogs. While Shop & Co will give your pup the best summer collection.

If a working dog was to choose, he will definitely choose Ruffwear. They have everything working dogs and their owners will need.

If you love to see wide selections and options, Wagwear and Max bone both have everything from everything.

Max bone is also best known for its wellness line of organic products suitable for dogs with allergies.

For affordable prices and cozy stuff, Rororiri is the number one selection. And for a well-known brand, of course, Ralph Lauren is the best-known brand worldwide.

When choosing any clothes for your dog, remember to use the size chart available on any clothes store’s website. Some websites have videos of how to measure your pet too.

Dog clothing brands also have sales and discounts in sale seasons, check from time to time to make the best deals for your dog.

Most of these brands have national and international shipping to make things easier for dog owners living abroad.

So, whatever you need from dog clothes, accessories, or other supplies, you will surely find them sold by one of these brands.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands

Dog Clothing Brands
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