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Top 10 Dog Charities


Top 10 Dog Charities

Dog charities are like any charitable organizations which exert effort to achieve a goal they have set for themselves. As for dog charities, their ultimate goal is to help dogs especially homeless dogs with no place to live in and no one to care for.Lets take a look at the Top 10 Dog Charities with details in brief.

They also give great care for dogs with special needs and victim dogs of violence or cruelty.

Most of them work with other dog rescue centers and shelters either to help them with money they have raised or to provide any kind of support they can do as vet care and dog training.

Dog charities also work with adoption centers or have their own centers. This is because adoption is one of the most important and effective ways of helping dogs.

By adopting a dog, he is no longer of need to a charity to take care of, and thus, leaves a place for another dog of need.

Donations, fundraising, event organization, fostering and many more are ways you as an individual can help a dog charity.

In this list, we will help you find dog charities to donate to. We provide you with information about the best animal charities and how you can help each of them.

Check our list of the top 10 dog charities below:

  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • Red rover
  • PetSmart charities
  • Cuddly
  • Save a pet
  • Dogs for Better Lives
  • Guide Dogs of America
  • Paw placement
  • Search dog foundation

Best Friends Animal Society


They are a real society for animals and animal lovers. Best friends is one of the Top 10 Dog Charities with a dedicated goal. They have a program named no-kill 2025, they aim to save the lives of dogs and cats who live in shelters.

Their goal is to help every shelter in the USA save at least 90% of the pets there. They do this by treating the dogs who need help and amending their bad behavior.

The charity partners with many rescues and shelters all over the USA, they operate many programs to save the lives of dogs.

They also have their own rescue and adoption center. You can adopt a dog or a cat from there.

One of the things they promote for is spaying and neutering dogs to decrease the overpopulations of dogs and help save more lives. That is why they have their own spaying clinic. 

If you want to help, you can adopt a dog, donate, or volunteer. They also hold events to raise money and help animal shelters and rescues.

You can browse their website and check the lifesaving dashboard, you will see what exactly each shelter needs, so you know how you might help.

Red Rover


Red Rover not only helps dogs and pets but also dog owners who face critical situations in which they will need help to save their pets.

Dog owners who have financial problems or facing domestic violence can ask for help from Red Rover. They will offer temporary shelter for them and their dogs or financial assistance according to the case.

Dogs who have faced cruelty or any kind of violence will have emotional support and a good place to live in till they are adopted.

Other kinds of help are veterinary care for either homeless dogs or dogs with a life-threatening illness and their guardians can’t afford the vet bills.

Red Rover believes that education is the first step towards creating an empathetic and compassionate society for animals.

They hold events and workshops to educate people about pet lives and how to help them. They have dedicated programs for kids to interact with animals and show some love for them.

They also have an interactive mobile app with games and activities for kids to know more about dogs and pets and understand how they might help them.

Lastly, Red Rover will offer grants for other dog charities to save more and more dogs.

PetSmart Charities


PetSmart does everything possible to help dogs and other pets. They dedicate part of their stores to rescues and shelters so people who would like to adopt can visit shelters there.

As a dog charity, they partner with other animal organizations and help in raising funds for them.

Dog charities usually promote spaying and neutering, so does PetSmart. They have their own initiative besides providing pet parents with low-cost vets to help them take care of their pets.

You can also adopt dogs either from those found in their stores’ part allocated for adoption purposes or by browsing their website. All the dogs for adoption are spayed and neutered.

PetSmart can partner with any company they believe it has a special care for animals.

Any company having the same target audience of PetSmart can contact them to have its logo on PetSmart website or sponsors one of their events, so it has a wider reach to its audience. In return, PetSmart will receive a donation from this company and dedicate it to animal saving.  

Individuals can also donate either one-time donation or monthly donations. If you want to donate, you can fill in the donation form online on their website.



Being one of the oldest dog charities and animal organizations in North America, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) offers many solutions to nearly all dog problems.

They have a hospital offering veterinary care to animals in general, and those who don’t have homes or have been victims of cruelty or abuse.

Spaying and neutering dogs are performed in their hospitals at low costs.

Dogs with special needs as blind, deaf, or handicapped dogs are all taken care of. All dog treatments and regular vaccination are available in hospitals.

Not to forget the adoption center of ASPCA, in addition to the partnership they have with PetSmart to avail low-cost spaying and neutering all over the USA.

Parents who had to leave their dogs or pets because of any kind of crisis can contact ASPCA and they will take care of the pets.

While, parents who voluntarily want to leave their dogs can also contact them, and they will undergo one-to-one counseling trying to find a solution for the parent to keep his dog.

Other services this dog charity provides are pet food banks and pet helpline.



One of the dog charities that don’t operate an adoption center or pet organization on their own but rather help rescues and shelters already there.

Cuddly has several ways to help animal rescues. First, they have an online store where people can purchase items related to dogs and pets. With every purchase, they donate a meal to one of the animal shelters or rescues.

Secondly, animal rescues can create wishlists which are lists of the rescue or shelters’ general needs or a list of each dogs’ needs. Cuddly will try to satisfy these wishlists through donations they receive.

You can browse these wishlists on the website and choose what you can afford to cover.

Another thing they do for helping dogs is adoption. Their website is like other adoption centers’ websites. Users can search for a dog to adopt with their selected criteria on the website.

Cuddly is one of the best charities to donate to, to support them, you may choose to donate monthly, and they will dedicate this donation to one of the wishlists if you didn’t choose a particular one.

But if you want to donate to a specific shelter or rescue, browse them on Cuddly’s website and donate directly to the rescue.

Save a Pet

pet charity with an adoption

Fun-raising warriors, Save-A-Pet ambassadors, canine care, and others. All are areas you can participate in and help dogs.

Save a pet is basically a pet charity with an adoption center providing care for pets until they find homes.

They provide all types of care including emotional care. They have veterinaries, surgeons, massage therapists, and professional trainers working with them.

If you excel in any of these areas, you can give them a helping hand too.

They care about small details dogs will need. They have a special canine care department whose responsibilities are to walk dogs around the adoption center and let them socialize with other dogs. They also take them to dog events for more socialization and satisfy all dogs’ needs.

For dogs who need special treatment like ill or pregnant dogs, they have a foster care program where fosters will take the dog until he recovers and then return him back to the charity.

All medications and supplies will be covered by them.

Save a Pet has an online store where they sell T-shirts and pants for humans, any profit coming from the store is dedicated to their adoption center or any of the charitable activities.  

Dogs for Better Lives

Puppy Raiser program.

Dogs for better lives works on a better life for both dogs and people.

The main idea of this dog charity is to train dogs to be assistance dogs to people in need, by this they help dogs with no homes and people with needs.

Assistance dogs at Dogs for Better Lives receive professional training as each dog will have a specific job targeted at special people.

Some of these jobs are assisting deaf or hearing problem people, Autism children, and assisting physicians or vets.

Some dogs may be unsuitable for this kind of work. The charity will shelter them until they find their forever homes.

To help this dog charity, you can become a member of the Puppy Raiser program.

This program is basically for people who can dedicate part of their time to raising dogs until they reach a suitable age to become assistance dogs.

As a puppy raiser, you will take an 8-years old puppy and raise him at your home till he is 14 months.

Another way to help is to adopt a dog who won’t be able to make it as an assistance dog.

And lastly, if you aren’t into dogs and can’t raise one, you can just donate money.

Guide Dogs of America

veterinary care, boarding, transportation, and many dog services

Working with the same concept of Dogs for better lives, Guide Dogs of America do the same thing of training dogs to become assistance and guide dogs.

They have the same puppy raising program where the puppy raiser will take the dog until he reaches the suitable age of being a guide dog.

During this period, the dog will receive veterinary care, boarding, transportation, and many dog services. All of them are provided by the charity at no cost.

People can help the dog charity either by donating just like any charity or by working for them in any role they can fit into.

Available roles can range from dog nursery and vet to professional dog trainers, and customer service or call support.

Other options are fundraising and event organization. So, if you really want to make a change, you will find something to volunteer in at GDA.

GDA accepts monetary donations and other types of donations as real estate. They will use these as an office or headquarter for the organization to do training, hold events for fundraising, have on-site clinics, and offer sheltering and boarding services for dogs.

Paw Placement

dog helping activities

Dog charities are thinking of different ways to help dogs, so they won’t need any help even if their parent predeceases them.

That’s what Paw placement thought of. In addition to usual dog charitable activities, they thought of what dogs or any pet will do if their parent died and they have no other one to take care of them?

Should you have the same fears, you can leave a bequest of 500$ or more at Paw placement. They will find a new home for your dog and make sure he is taken care of and that he loves his new home.

Paw placement can also benefit from your will, retirement account, or life insurance if you want to. They can also be one of the charities on your company’s social responsibility list.

Other traditional dog helping activities they do are adoption from their website with a small fee allocated to vet bills and covering some of their charitable work and holding adoption events.

They accept any kind of donations including dog food, accessories, beds, mats, and anything that can be useful to dogs.

Another help you can offer is fostering one of their homeless dogs or volunteering in events organization.

Search Dog Foundation

rescue a dog

Search dog foundation makes a commitment towards themselves and towards the society in general, once they rescue a dog they will never let him back to the streets again.

The dog foundation searches for homeless dogs and abused ones, they rescue them, and then these dogs are trained to rescue people later on.

Dogs will receive training to participate in fire departments. But even retired dogs or those who can’t make it to fire departments will receive lifetime care.

Rescue dogs will have a free training program until they become professional enough to be teamed with a fire handler. SDF will remain in contact with the dog and continue offering ongoing training until he retires.

Donations are the most popular type of supporting dog charities, but when you choose to support Search Dog Foundation your donation will be excluded from your taxed income.

You can either donate monthly for reducing taxes and helping dogs or sponsor one search dog from the moment he is rescued until he becomes capable of rescuing.

If you already have a dog at home, get him some clothes or accessories from SDF to pleasure your dog and help another dog with the money you paid for the purchased items.

Final Thoughts on Top 10 Dog Charities

As you have seen, the above mentioned Top 10 dog charities do different things to save dogs. All of them are common in one thing which is the end goal.

If you have any kind of vet education you will be of great help to foundations like PetSmart, ASPCA, and Save a Pet.

You don’t necessarily be a vet or dog trainer or any kind of dog professional to help, you can volunteer in other activities like fundraising or communication.

When you have old dog-related accessories and items but you don’t need them anymore, you can donate them to Paw Placement, so other dogs can benefit from them.

Always think of buying your dog’s needs, accessories, and even some of your clothes from dog charities with online stores like Cuddly and Save a Pet. This small amount of money can really make a change.

Thinking of helping dogs but really don’t know what to do or how to help? Simply donate money, this is the easiest way to help. All dog charities accept monetary donations, and you can choose what they will do with your money.

Caring for your own dog is part of helping the dogs’ community in general, give your dog much care and appreciate having such a friend within your home.

You don’t know how much your help will make a change. Never underestimate your help whatever it is. Dog charities are working all day to save dogs’ lives, you can be a lifesaver too.

Comparison Table Of Top 10 Dog Charities

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