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Top 10 Dog Cameras

Top 10 Dog Cameras

Which are the Top 10 Dog Cameras ? Detailed information with price, features,functions and comparison table.

No dog parent can deny that being close to his puppy is the best feeling ever. Your dog surely shares you with the same feeling.

But, in real life you can’t stay home forever, you can’t take your dog with you everywhere either.

That’s why Dog cameras are a handy solution when you are out and want to watch your dog who is left alone at home.

Dog cameras can have several features, starting from being a surveillance camera to watch your dog, to being a treat dispenser and an interactive tool to play remotely with your dog.

Some cameras will allow for video calls, but most dog cameras have an audio call feature.

When comparing dog cameras, you have to bear in mind that the more features and higher quality your camera is, the higher it will cost you. So, think of how much you are willing to pay before picking your camera.

To make things easier, we have done our research on different dog cameras. below is a list of the top 10 dog cameras in terms of quality, view angle, extensive features as treat dispensing and light beam, and price of course.

  • Furbo dog camera
  • SKYMEE dog camera treat dispenser
  • Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser
  • WOpet Smart Pet Camera, Dog Treat Dispenser
  • PetChatz HDX Dog Camera
  • Tooge pet dog camera
  • Conico pet camera
  • TENVIS HD IP Camera
  • YI Technologies Dome Pet Monitor Camera
  • Petcube Play 2 Pet Camera

Furbo dog camera

dog cameras

When we talk about dog cameras, Furbo dog camera has to be mentioned. It is the best dog camera we found at all at a price of 200$.

Furbo made it to the top of our list because it is not just a dog monitor, it is a dog camera and treat dispenser at the same time.

Starting with the camera; it is a full HD 1080p camera with a 160-degree wide-angle making the view similar to human eyes.

The camera supports night vision, so even if you want to spend the evening outside you can check your pup from time to time.

Furbo dog cam comes with a sensitive barking alert, the sensor will alert you when your dog barks, so you know when your dog really needs help.

Come to the fun part, treat dispensing. The camera will allow you to toss treats to your dog using the app.

So, these are the basic features of Furbo dog camera, for optional features with a monthly subscription, the camera has a cloud recording to store live videos of your dog, smart alert that detects unusual movements which can be adjusted by you, and a doggie diary to keep memories of your dog.

SKYMEE dog camera treat dispenser

If you want a similar dog treat camera to Furbo’s but cheaper, you can go for SKYMEE, it will cost you around 130$.

SKYMEE dog camera has the same quality video as Furbo’s camera. It has the same two-way communication meaning you will talk to your dog via speakers and listen to him via a built-in microphone.

You have also a treat dispenser to play with your dog, the dispenser produces a sound when you toss a treat. This sound can be turned on or off.

The pet cam app for this dog camera can be downloaded on your device and you can share it to up to 8 mobiles at the same time.

So in this case, you and the other 7 family members will see your dog and interact with him at one time. But you won’t be able to install more than one SKYMEE camera on the same account.

The camera supports night vision and motion detection technology, but it is not as smart as Furbo’s.

The sensor works with artificial intelligence and will recognize the movements of your dog and send you alerts when it thinks it is an abnormal movement from your dog.

You can see all the alerts instantly or in the app history.

Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

dog cameras

The camera will cost you the same 130$ of the previous one but giving you a lower resolution of 720p and a narrower view angle of 130 degrees.

It includes the same feature of SKYMEE where 8 mobile devices can be connected to the same camera and see live videos of your dog at the same time.

As for interactivity, you have a treat dispenser, sound effects, and a red laser beam to play around with your dog.

You will be able to reward your dog and play the sounds and point the beam where you want to drag his attention, but be careful not to point the laser beam directly to his eyes.

Pawbo camera can be mounted on the wall easily as if you are hanging an air freshener thanks to the two wall mount holes on top and bottom of the camera, so you are sure the camera will be stuck to the wall and never falls on your dog.

The body of this dog camera is not the perfect thing ever, it is made of plastic which is not that durable, but at the end, it is a wall-mounted camera.

WOpet Smart Pet Camera, Dog Treat Dispenser

Another treat-dispensing camera with an average price of 140$.

The camera has the same features of Furbo and other dog cameras with a narrower angle but still wide enough to see your dog in different places in the room.

WOpet camera comes with a video resolution of 720p, a speaker and a microphone, so you can hear your dog and talk to him any time.

As a treat dispenser, you can toss 3 treats at a time to give your dog a big reward for a perfect deed, or if you have more than one dog and want to reward them all at the same time.

For these kinds of dog cameras to work, they need a good WIFI connection, you need to plug in the camera to an electricity source and connect it to the WIFI.

Download the dog camera app on your mobile, and you will be able to see your dog live and even share nice screenshots of him instantly on social media platforms.

So, WOpet camera is another good option lesser in quality but still works perfectly.

PetChatz HDX Dog Camera

Dog cameras make you able to see your dog, but how can your dog see you?

PetChatz has got the answer. It is not just a two-way audio camera like all other dog cameras, but it is a two-video camera as well.

The camera will enable your dog to have a video chat with you. The camera can automatically record a video of 30 seconds of your dog playing or interacting with the treats you tossed to share on social media.

Whenever you feel your dog suffers from anxiety, you can speak to him and calm him with a video or audio call. You have another option here which is aromatherapy. The camera can dispense a soft calming aroma for your dog to feel at ease anytime.

Using the mobile app, you can control tossing the treats and calling your pal, but you can also automate treat-dispensing if you will not be able to do it manually for some time.

The last feature this camera provides is the dog TV which will entertain your dog all day, but this feature requires a subscription.

All of these features will cost you around 314$.

Tooge pet dog camera

A 360-degree rotating dog monitor camera allowing you to see the whole place anytime.

Tooge dog camera pans 350 degrees and tilts for 80 degrees, in addition to the normal 4x zooming function.

The camera has a microphone and a speaker for talking and listening to your dog, it allows for night vision and it sends you alerts.

The alerts are for detecting movements, the drawback of this kind of alert is that it is not smart enough like other dog cameras so it will keep sending you alerts when your dog moves normal movements.

It supports Micro SD cards up to 128 GB, thus you can store special videos and recordings of your dog whenever you want.

You and your partner or family will be able to see your dog at the same time as the cam supports multiple users at the same time. Moreover, you can see and monitor cameras using the same app so you can have a camera in each room.

Considering the cheap price of this camera, it costs only 37$, it is a good option to save your money and still be able to see your dog all day.

Petcube Play 2 Pet Camera

A dog video camera that will record and save the last 4 hours of your dog at home.

The camera is small in size, so it can be hanged or put on a table, you will see your dog in 1080p full HD and listen to him barking or producing whatever sounds using the four microphones built in the camera.

You will see your dog at night too and speak to him, the camera app will send you notifications for movements and sounds produced by your dog.

To interact with your dog, you have a laser beam controlled by the app on your mobile phone, but this camera doesn’t feature a dog treat dispenser.

The camera comes with a guide on how to use it, a 2 meter USB cable, and a power adapter. All of these are included in the package at an affordable price of 180$.

So, if you don’t care about treat dispensing and you just want to see your dog all day with a good quality camera, Petcube Play 2 Pet Camera will be your choice.

You will enjoy a 1-year warranty when buying this dog camera

Conico pet camera

With so many products in the market, you may become overwhelmed, but this camera actually provides you with so many features at a very good price.

The camera has up to 8x zoom features, using this feature you can see what is your dog doing or playing with very clearly.

It pans to 360 degrees and tilts up and down with 100 degrees giving you a wide range of motion from all sides.

The camera features a sound detection and a motion tracker. Sound detection will tell you when your dog barks, or if there is an intruder out there is your home. While motion tracker will let you follow the motion of your dog around the place.

Not to forget the built-in mic to talk with your pet using your mobile app from your end and the built-in microphone and speakers from your dog’s end.

If you want to store live videos of your dog, you have two options. Either to use the 128 GB SD card and store everything locally or to subscribe to the cloud-based service and store everything over a network.

Get all these features in a black or white-colored camera with 46$ only.


TENVIS dog camera gives you a 360-degree coverage of your home thanks to the rotation feature it has.

The camera rotates 120 degrees vertically, and 355 degrees horizontally, so the whole room will be under your sight.

Quality of the video is good, it is 720p resolution, the camera supports night vision and it converts to the night vision mode automatically.

You have the normal features of two-way communication with a noise elimination technology of the microphone, you will be able to hear your dog clearly.

The motion detection feature in this camera is superb. The camera will detect any motion and record a maximum of 15-seconds video and send it instantly to your mobile.

You can also use the rotation feature of the camera and set it to a particular location and then save it, so you can monitor this location with one click. You can save up to 8 locations in your home.

If you want to have surveillance over all your home, you can have more than one camera and connect them all to the same mobile app.

You can buy this camera with an average price of 33$

YI Technologies Dome Pet Monitor Camera

Watch your dog with complete coverage of the room where this camera is placed. The camera rotates up and down, left and right giving a 360 degrees view.

You have the option to either save 8 locations and travel to these locations using your mobile or set the camera to survey the whole scene all with one click.

As for the microphone, it is of good quality and can eliminate the noise giving clear sounds of your dog.

The camera has motion detection technology but no sound detection, so it will detect the movements of your dog and send you alerts, but it will not detect the barks of your dog or any unusual sounds.

To control the camera, you can download the app on any android or IOS device and you have cloud storage for storing your data, but there are no SD cards.

This may serve as a good feature for some people, but for others who don’t want to store their home or dog views over a cloud, this camera will be annoying for not having an SD card option.

You can get this camera in black or white at an average price of 35$.


After you have known everything about dog cameras, you can now make up your mind and decide which is the best camera for you.

Price is important, but quality is also important. You need to have a camera that allows you to see clearly what your dog is doing.

The best quality dog cameras are Furbo and Petcube Play 2 giving you the highest resolution ever.

Adding to quality, how much of the view the camera can bring to you is also another factor to check before purchasing any dog home camera, the best ones are the cameras which provide full coverage of the whole room.

Most rotating cameras in this list offers a 360 degrees view. Others like Furbo and WOpet will give a suitable wide angle for a wide range of views. If you have a wide space where your dog lives, go for the 360-degrees ones.

Treat dispensing cameras are more expensive than normal dog cameras, but they worth it. If you are leaving your dog for longer times, we recommend you have a camera with a treat dispenser so you can interact with him more.

And finally, if you are going to travel for a long period, PetChatz HDX will be the best option here allowing you and your dog to see each other.

Dog cameras can help you take care of your dog when outside, but this doesn’t mean you can leave your dog for a long time alone, your physical presence is of more importance to your dog.


Top 10 Dog Cameras
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