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Top 10 dog accessories

Top 10 dog accessories

As your dog will welcome you every time you are back home with barking, licking, and a wagging tail, you ought to feel the responsibility of his comfort and happiness.

Dog accessories can be some cool stuff you want to get for your dog to show care and love, but sometimes they can be essential items your dog needs.

There are pet accessories that you will need at home and other things for outside hanging outs. There are even things that you will need for both inside and outside.

Whether you already have a dog or you are planning to get one, you can’t give away buying some dog accessories. They are meant for easing your life and your dog’s too. Imagine your life without a dog’s bowl or leash.

When you visit a pet’s store, you will find hundreds of items and luxury dog accessories. Out of the extreme love you have for your dog, you want to get him everything out there.

But things can go beyond your budget. You have to make up your mind and organize yourself to decide what the most important accessories are.

To help you with your next shopping, check out our top 10 best dog accessories you may want to put on your list.

  • Dog food bowl
  • Dog collar
  • Dog leash
  • Dog ID tags
  • Dog blankets
  • Dog bed
  • Dog carrier backpack
  • Dog car seat cover
  • Dog bandanas
  • Dog bow tie

Dog food bowl

Dog food bowl,Top 10 dog accessories

No doubt that dog bowls are a must, so they come as number one accessory for your dog.

You have to make sure that your dog’s bowl is made of top-quality material that is safe for his health and durable at the same time.

Stainless steel dog bowls are a good option here, they are unbreakable and easily washable, but they sometimes slip on the floor so choose a one with a rubber bottom to fix it so your dog won’t have to chase after his meal.

Silicon bowls are collapsible and good for traveling, but make sure it is made of good silicon.

Bowls can come in sets, this will be a good option if you just got your dog and need water and a food bowl.

Consider the size of your dog food bowl too, larger dogs will need a larger sized bowl so you can fill it with enough food for him in one time and don’t have to fill it over again and again.

Always keep your dog’s bowl clean, you can get a tray under the bowl. Some bowls come built in a tray for messy eater dogs.

Dog collars

Top 10 dog accessories,Dog collars
Dog collars

Dog collars are one of the top dog accessories, not only because they are essential for dog training and holding name tags, but also because they come in different styles and materials that make each dog unique in his style.

When you purchase a Dog collar or neckband you have first of all to check the size. Although collars can be widened and narrowed, you have to make sure that it fits your dog. You don’t want to buy a collar and find it is too large that he can get it off without unlocking, nor do you want a very tight collar that can threaten his safety.

The material of collars is also an important factor to take care of, collars come in leather, nylon, and metal. Consider your dog’s breed when getting him a collar because larger breeds need more durable collars.

Collars can give your dog a kind of fashion look, some collars have only one color and others have multiple colors and patterns. You can match the collar with his color.

There are also personalized dog collars that you can be made especially for your dog with his name and the color of your choice.

Dog leashes

Dog leashes,Top 10 dog accessories
Dog leashes

Whenever collars are mentioned, leashes have to be mentioned too. Leashes are the connection between you and your dog. They are attached to the collar from one side and to your hand from the other side.

Just like collar, leashes come in different materials and colors, you can even get your dog a collar and a leash with the same design to give him a fashionable style.

Leashes mustn’t be too short that you have to walk very near to your dog or even bend down to hold him, nor too long that he goes so far or outdistance you.

Large and active dogs or dogs who love chewing everything must have a leash with durable material so as not to be torn apart when he tries to run or chew it.

Some leashes already come with the collar and other leashes have several attachment points, they are not attached to the collar only but to the dog’s body too through a harness.

When buying a leash don’t forget to check the handle you will be holding the leash from all the time. It must be something you can hold on tight and comfortable at the same time.

Dog ID tags

Dog ID tags,
Dog ID tags

If you haven’t got an ID tag for your dog, you better do it now. This is one of the dog accessories you must have for your dog’s safety.

Pet ID tags are meant for finding them when they are lost. Even if your dog is microchipped, it is better to have an ID tag when in public

Some dog owners will get their dogs a nice ID tag with their names. Looks cute, but what will someone do with your dog’s name when it is lost?

A dog ID tag should have your name and cell phone on it. You may even put your address.

If you insist on having your dog’s name on the ID tag, then you can get a one with double sides for his name on one side and other information on the other side.

Even though name tags are something for your dog’s safety, they can look trendy. Some tags can be customized with a shape you desire like a square or a rectangle or even irregular shapes.

The name tag shouldn’t be heavy on your dog’s neck. It shouldn’t be large in size too that your dog can reach and chew it.

Dog blankets

Dog blankets,Top 10 dog accessories
Dog blankets

Keep your dog warm and give him a comfortable nap time in cold weather with a dog blanket.

Blankets have different sizes, so choose a one that completely covers your dog’s body, but at the same time he doesn’t stumble in.

The blanket shouldn’t be too heavy that your dog feels strangled under, and not too light that can’t keep him warm. Dogs with less hair may need thicker ones to feel warm.

If the weather where you live sometimes gets too cold or too hot, you may want to get two blankets one for summer and the other for winter.

Dog blankets should be washable exactly like human ones.

They come in different materials like microfiber, polyester, fleece and some blankets have waterproof material. These are best used when you are out with your dog and he can’t find his bathroom.

You can use a blanket at home in the dog’s sleep or in his crate. They can be used when traveling on a plane or in-car rides too.

They come in different patterns and colors, so choose the one that looks adorable with your dog lying on or under it.


Dog beds

Dog bedsTop 10 dog accessories
Dog beds

For the best sleep, get a dog’s bed to be the perfect addition to the blanket.

When choosing a dog bed it must be some inches larger than the size of your dog to give him space for moving.

Dog beds must be cleaned so get your dog an easy-to-clean bed. Some beds are washable and can be put as a whole in a washing machine.

You have to choose a soft bed for the comfort of your dog. Durability is also an important thing to look for when choosing a dog bed, especially if you have large dogs.

A Bed with a cover is a perfect choice. You can even get several covers to alternate between them just as you change your bedsheets. Some beds come with a blanket and others have raised edges or pillow sides. 

A Couch or sofa style bed will look nice if you have a space in your home, and it will become even nicer if you can choose a one that matches other furniture in the home.

You can know your dog likes his new bed when he simply gets in when feeling tired and enjoys his time there.

Dog carrier backpack

Dog carrier backpack,
Dog carrier backpack

When you are out for a bike riding or some activity like hiking, why don’t you take your puppy friend with you for extra enjoyment?

And if you wonder how you can carry him, here are the dog carrier backpacks.

Dog carrier backpacks come in different shapes and sizes.

Large-sized carriers allow for more comfortable movements but when they are too large for your dog, your dog will wiggle in while you are moving.

These kinds of dog carriers are usually locked with zippers but they still have a mesh to allow your dog to breathe and see what is going on around. They are best used when you want to take your dog for a long ride on the bicycle or for hiking.

Other types of pet carriers will leave your dog’s legs and head outside like a baby so he enjoys more flexibility and moves. These are suitable for small walks or shopping

Some backpacks come with side or front pockets so you can take other dog accessories with you on your trip.

If you want your multifunctional carriers, then check for the ones approved by airlines, and the ones having extra storage spaces.

Dog car seat cover

Dog car seat cover, Top 10 dog accessories
Dog car seat cover

If you have a hair shedding dog who likes to move back and forth inside your car, you should think of a dog car seat cover.

They are very useful for you and your dog. They will keep your car clean while allowing your dog to play around and even eat or drink if you are on a long road trip.

Some car seat covers are wide enough to cover the whole back seat, some even cover the floor of the car. These are suitable for dogs who can’t keep calm or if you have more than one dog.

The best material of a car seat cover is washable water-proof ones with tear-resistant materials. The car seat cover must be a non-slip one if you have a dog that gets nervous and moves a lot in cars.

You want a car seat cover that is easily installed and removed from your car seats, you don’t have all-time for a seat cover that is too difficult to install or remove for cleaning.

You have to check your car first before buying because some seat covers are only designed to fit front seats, while others can fit trucks.

Dog bandanas

Dog bandanas,Top 10 dog accessories
Dog bandanas

Plaid or one-colored, patterned, or floral. Bandanas add an aesthetic touch to your dog’s neck.

As human bandanas, there are different styles to suit all tastes, there are male and female bandanas too.

You can personalize a bandana for your dog with a kind of drawing or his name. Check YouTube for DIY videos on or just buy one from a dog accessories store.

Bandanas can be just a fashion statement, and they can have benefits for your dog too. In hot weather, a wet bandana can help your dog keep cool.

Try to choose a fabric that is washable and soft on your dog’s body. The same when you choose a scarf for yourself.

Did you ever know that colors can say something about your dog? According to the daily mail colors of collars, leashes or bandanas mean something.

For example, red means caution, orange is that your dog is not good in dealing with other dogs, green means your dog is friendly, yellow is nervous, blue is that this dog is under training.

So, when you decide to get your dog a one-color bandana, be careful because this color may convey something to the people around.

Dog bow tie

Dog bow tie,
Dog bow tie

How about a classy look for your dog? Actually, a bow tie can give your dog over cuteness.

Whether you want it for everyday use or for a special occasion, you will definitely find what you want.

Most of the dogs don’t like clothing, so a bow tie can be a simple, yet adorable small piece of cloth that gives your dog his unique style.

As any dressing up for your dog, bow ties have several looks. You can choose the best look according to the occasion.

Choose a bow tie that you feel matching your dog’s personality. You are the only one who can feel it.

The most comfortable bow ties are the ones with soft materials. Be careful that your dog might have allergies from artificial fabrics so it is better to go for cotton ones.

Some bow ties can be put on without a collar and they have adjustable fits, others must be detached to the collar, so bear in mind matching all the colors together.

Colors are endless, patterns are also too many that you may want to get your puppy more than one, just like we get ourselves several dresses or costumes for different occasions.


Although we think all the dog accessories are so nice that you can get them all, we recommend you go from the top of the list to the bottom and check what is missing.

Some accessories for dogs are must-haves as food bowls. Others are essential too and you can get them at good prices. For example, you can get a dog collar tag with a leash all in one product. The same thing goes for a bed and blanket.

If you are someone who travels a lot using his car, then a car seat cover will be essential for you, but if you prefer bike rides or walks or even running, a dog carrier backpack will be of most importance to you.

For those who love fashion and trends, bandanas and bow ties will satisfy your desire for a stylish dog friend of yours.

The list goes on, dog accessories are endless, so you better decide the most needed things for you and your dog.

Of course, some dog owners may not need some items like a car seat cover if they don’t have a car, or a dog bed if they have small dogs and they prefer to have their dogs with them on the same bed.

At the end, you are the dog owner and you are the best one to decide what your dog needs. Pamper your dog and get him the best dog supplies, and for extra love and uniqueness go for personalized dog accessories to make him stand out between all other dogs.

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